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What Does the

Bible Say About


Fair Tax Plan"


The short answer is, "A lot!"

Neal Boortz, a popular talk show host, and Congressman John Linder have recently released their coauthored book, "The FairTax Book." This is a "must read" book for every intelligent American. But what does the Bible really say? And where is it in Scripture? We shall see that income tax comes from a heathen origin. But first, a little Bible background.

1. The Use or Misuse of Money Is A Moral Issue

"For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. "
(1 Timothy 6:10 The Bible)

The misuse of money is the root of evil. You can name the evil and trace it to the money. For example even adultery has to do with money according to the Scriptures. "For by means of a whorish woman a man is brought to a piece of bread: and the adulteress will hunt for the precious life." (Proverbs 6:26) She's looking for the 'precious' life... where the money is. Divorce is about money.


2. The Unnatural Pursuit of Money Causes People To Compromise Truth


"...which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith..."

Erring from the faith simply means departing from the persuasion, credence and moral conviction of the true truth, God's truthfulness. Very few of us live according to a creed. Rather we choose a creed according to how we want to live. Morality determines philosophy. Coveting after money which is an excessive desire and love for money, causes many immoral caveats from cheating, to stealing, lying, bribery.

The widespread corruption in the American political system vindicates clearly the truthfulness of these Scriptures. Love of money is the cause and principle has been forsaken.


3. Coveting Causes Many Self Inflicted Woes


...and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." Among these are misspending, overspending, debt, bankruptcy, lack of peace, unfulfillment, sense of failure, misplaced priorities that can damage marriage, children, business, and reputation. These and many other sorrows are simple indications that we have gotten off on the wrong track, not only financially, but we have departed the ways of God. We have "erred from the faith."


On a national level we as a nation are now experiencing many self inflicted sorrows that are a direct result of our forsaking of God and principle to pursuit a false god of mammon. The government has legalized and legitimized the stealing from the rich to give to themselves and the poor. I say stealing because monies are confiscated without our consent. Is there anyone in America who does not know of the misspending of these confiscated funds. The sorrows are here and they ought to be clear and urgent signals to us that something is principally wrong and needs fixing.


4. Income Taxes Began As A Heathen Practice


Neither God nor the Bible approve income taxes. As a matter of fact we discover in the Scriptures that God warns that a departing from His ways will result in a national income tax being forced upon the citizenship. Not only does God warn about taxes, the wrongful taking of personal property, but God warns that the government will become enlarged beyond necessity employing a great percentage of the population which the government will have to pay with confiscated dollars. Here are the Bible facts.


Israel, the great political and national experiment of the day had been prospering under a system of government unlike any other, a system of personal liberty and freedom that included the absence of a king and any would be king's overbearing rulership and despotism of the people. Not only that but it was a system of limited government, in fact, hardly any government at all. The secret to such a system was self-government, self-control, and self-restraint where each person held himself personally responsible to God (to follow the basics set forth by Him) and then thereafter, free to pursue one's own course. Sound familiar? It should. It is the model that the Founding Fathers of America sought to replicate.


A little more background is necessary. The Israeli's had been a minority group living in Egypt. They had done well in the free markets and business system such as it was.

"And Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had

possessions therein, and grew, and multiplied exceedingly." (Genesis 47:27 The Bible)


Here is another description of what happens to those who follow principle.

"And the children of Israel were fruitful, and increased abundantly, and multiplied, and

waxed exceeding mighty; and the land was filled with them." (Exodus 1:7)


Then government stepped in. Watch out Israel. Governments always tend to be oppressive. They think the people exist for them instead of the Bible concept that the governments exist only to serve the people.

"Now there arose up a new king over Egypt... And he said unto his people, Behold,

the people of the children of Israel are more and mightier than we: Come on, let us deal

wisely with them; lest they multiply, Therefore they did set over them taskmasters to

afflict them with their burdens." (Exodus 1:8-11)


They were taxed and enslaved. The government medical services were instructed to let their sons die at birth. To make the long story short, Moses lead the exodus of these people into their own land. And now many years later these same people want to forsake the ways of liberty to get themselves a government. This is what they said. "...now make us a king to judge us like all the nations." (1 Samuel 8:5)


They wanted to forsake the 'great experiment' in which each was accountable to God to govern himself. They wanted a government between themselves and God. The shocking discovery is that God often lets us have what we ask for. God told Samuel to let them have what they asked for but also warn them about the government.

"And the LORD said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them." (1Samuel 8:7)


"That we also may be like all the nations;" was their cry. America was intended to lead other nations not follow them. Our Founding Fathers envisioned an America, a Great Experiment, a nation where the people would follow God and His ways, govern themselves and then live in liberty. Yet the cry in America (even by the Supreme Court of the land) is pleading for us to be like other nations, depart from our Constitution, depart from the original intent of the Constitution and its Founders. Let's follow European courts. Let's follow the United Nations.


However, God did not concede out of bitterness to the whim of the democratic voice. He warned them what government would do.

"Now therefore hearken unto their voice: howbeit yet protest solemnly unto them,

and shew them the manner of the king that shall reign over them." (1 Samuel 8:9)


The Three Warnings of God About Government:

Income Taxes, Big Government and Enslavement


Here is just a sample of God"s warnings.

"And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best

of them, and give them to his servants. And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of

your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants. And he will take your

menservants, and your maidservants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses,

and put them to his work. He will take the tenth of your sheep: and

ye shall be his servants." (1 Samuel 8:14-17)


5. Ten Reasons Bible Christians Should Support

The Fair Tax Plan

1. God's intention for nations never included assets to be taken from the people by government as demonstrated in the above Scriptures. It is a communist principle and well enunciated in the Fair Tax Book, quote of T. Coleman Andrews (page xix) who said, "The income tax is bad because it was conceived in class hatred, is an instrument of vengeance and plays right into the hands of the communists. It employs the vicious communist principle of taking from each according to his accumulation of the fruits of his labor and giving to others according to their needs, regardless of whether those needs are the result of indolence, or lack of pride, self-respect, personal dignity or other attributes of men."

2. While we are instructed to "render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's,"(Matthew 22:21) we in America do not have a Caesar. We have no Czar, no Lord, no King. In fact the Founding Fathers boldly claimed, "We have no king but Jesus!" Abraham Lincoln made it clear, "We are a government of the people, by the people and for the people." We, the people, have the responsibility to rescind the present unfair tax system including the Sixteenth Amendment.

3. God charges us with the responsibility of being good stewards of our money, all our money. "Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful." (1 Corinthians 4:2) This faithful stewardship means the proper use of our money, all our money. The stewardship of your money was not given to the government or any other person or organization. Personal responsibility for all our dollars is required.

4. Since the government of America is on the shoulders of 'we the people', our stewardship must extend to assuring the just and equitable collection, management and distribution of federal, state and county monies. This is the peoples' responsibility.

5. Like the Pharisees of Jesus' day, "For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men's shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers" (Matthew 23:4) we have a system that requires us to retain and remunerate expensive professionals to process a complicated and almost undecipherable system in order to be in compliance. Jesus was against this then and I think He is against it now.

6. The confiscating and redistribution of someone else's money is paramount to stealing, albeit under the guise of "law." Some laws are unlawful. America's Founding Fathers recognized unanimously and stated so, signifying by their signatures on the Declaration of Independence that we were bound by the Laws of Nature and Nature's God and that from the Creator, not the government, all men are endowed with certain unalienable Rights. Giving to the poor (not the slothful) is to be done by persons voluntarily in contrast with the present government system of entitlements. In spite of the high percentages of our income that are taken from us before we get our paychecks Americans are a generous, charitable giving people. With the Fair Tax Plan implementation it stands to reasons that with control of all of our money we will continue to give to meet the genuine needs of others.

7. The Scriptures teach plainly that the purpose of inheritance is to provide funding to those (children or otherwise) who will actively carry on the beliefs, values and goals of the benefactor. The Fair Tax Plan will eliminate the 'death tax' which will enable those who follow the Scriptures to bequeath their assets to those faithful in carrying out the life intentions and mission for which the inheritance was intended. There is no rationale for the 'death tax'. It is simply a dreamed up system of confiscation.

8. 'Something for nothing' has become the cornerstone of marketing. "Buy our product and we will give you for free" It is the primary appeal made in sales something for nothing! After decades of this we have come to believe that there really is 'something for nothing'. However, these hooks have caused over-spending, debt, and waste. Here is what the Scriptures teach. "He that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house; but he that hateth gifts shall live." (Proverbs 15:27)

He that hates 'something for free' is the one who has a hold on life. Telemarketers express surprise and even shock when after offering me something for free I politely say, "I don't take anything for free. I don't take anything for which I don't pay." The 'something for free' mentality has gripped America and our politicians. The Fair Tax Plan not only enables persons to control when and if they pay taxes (by spending) the legitimate costs of the government's doing business is paid for at the same time. They will no longer get 'something for nothing' by taking our money simply because we have earned it. The Bible principle is simple, "If you don't work, you don't eat." (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

9. Often politicians get elected by paying for votes. Here's how. They get votes by promising to give the voters what they want which is usually something for nothing. The candidate who promises the most and gets the voters to believe him, usually wins. Then they assure the voters that 'someone else will pay for it.' Guess who the politician has in mind? You, via income taxes. This is nothing short of bribery. This politically correct system of bribery is the established norm of Politics.

Add to this the lobbyists who offer advantage (whether money, favors or votes) to our representatives for their special interests. "In whose hands is mischief, and their right hand is full of bribes." (Psalm 26:10) God gives solemn warning against this, "For the congregation of hypocrites shall be desolate, and fire shall consume the tabernacles of bribery. They conceive mischief, and bring forth vanity, and their belly prepareth deceit." (Job 15:34-35) It is purported that the Fair Tax Plan may well end the lobby system.

10. Taxation is an issue of Liberty. Liberty, not democracy was the central concern of our Founders. Democracy, says Marshall Fritz, "is two wolves and a sheep voting to decide what's for lunch." Jefferson described Liberty as "unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others." Liberty is the core issue. Do you have the right to what you have legitimately earned? Or does government or others around you have a right to what you have earned? Are you free to voluntarily use your assets for the good of God and others? The misuse of Liberty has gotten us where we are.


The Scriptures are plain. We are to be "As free, and not using your liberty for a cloke of maliciousness"" (1Peter 2:16) "For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another." (Galations 5:13)

6. You Simply Must Read, "The FairTax Book"


Do not judge this matter without being fully informed. You will hear many opinions floating around. How will you know the truth? Get the facts yourself. Anything less than doing diligence is an unbiblical behavior and a shame on you. "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him." (Proverbs 18:13) How dare we Bible believing Christians take this lightly? You have no option. Stir yourself up. See this as a Biblical mission. Buy the book and read it till you understand it. Go to www.fairtax.org Then do something about it. Sign up as a volunteer. Get your Pastor to read and understand the book. His 501 3 status is safe. This is not a partisan issue. This is a moral issue. This is a Biblical issue.

7. It is Time For America To Turn Back


It is time to turn back to the America envisioned by our Founders, "One people under God with Liberty and Justice for all." How do we do this?


We must turn back, reverse the 1913 rulings, remove the 16th Amendment to the Constitution and institute a Fair Tax Plan. But we must turn back much much more. We must reverse the unlawful laws forbidding prayer, the reading of the Bible, the public display of Christian symbols, the legalized killing of American babies. The bottom line is we must turn back to God and His ways. Without Him and His wisdom there will be no true liberty from unfair taxes, unfair business practices, or evil. Liberty is not the right to do wrong. Liberty is the power to do right. Liberty is God's idea.

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